Use of Groundnut Shells (Powder) as an Alternative Sculpture Material for Fine Art in Salaga Senior High School, Ghana

Sakoalia, Dam Kenneth and Adu-Agyem, Joe and Amenuke, Dorothy Akpene and Deffor, Benjamin (2023) Use of Groundnut Shells (Powder) as an Alternative Sculpture Material for Fine Art in Salaga Senior High School, Ghana. In: Research Aspects in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 6. B P International, pp. 69-102. ISBN 978-81-19039-69-2

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The materials used for teaching sculpture in Salaga Senior High School (SHS) in Northern Ghana have mainly been clay, cement and wood. Using only these materials comes with varied limitations. The harsh weather constraints, monotony in the use of the same materials over long periods and the inability to purchase other materials as they are expensive and inaccessible to students due to the inadequate funding in purchasing materials for studio work have been the main challenges to the effective teaching and learning of sculpture in the Salaga SHS. This necessitated an inquiry into groundnut shells which are abundant in the Salaga community and could be used as a viable sculpture material but is disposed of by burning or dumping with consequent environmental pollution. Through quasi experimental method of inquiry, the researchers used groundnut shells powder with selected binders to determine their suitability for modelling, casting and carving. The groundnut shells powder was prepared by collecting, sorting, drying, and milling. They conducted a laboratory test for the chemical composition and toxicity of the groundnut shells. The researchers mixed the groundnut shells powder with selected binders in producing aesthetically pleasing modelled, cast and carved works. The findings revealed that groundnut shells powder is nontoxic and suitable for sculpture. Groundnut shells powder reacted positively with cassava starch, Styrofoam, white glue (Top Bond), contact adhesive type-99 glue and synthetic resin. The finished works were strong and easy to transport. Sculpture teachers and students of Salaga SHS and other schools as well as those in tertiary institutions in Ghana are encouraged to use groundnut shells (powder) as an alternate sculpting material.

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