Endo-Parasites of Apparently Healthy Wild Birds in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Assam, Assam, and Salamatu, Abdu, and Abdu, Paul, and Ezealor, Augustine, (2020) Endo-Parasites of Apparently Healthy Wild Birds in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 35 (12). pp. 63-72. ISSN 2347-565X

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Aims: Wildbirds interaction with poultry increases the likelihood of exchange of parasites between wild birds and poultry highlighting the need to understand wild bird endoparasites to reduce cross-infection at the wild bird-poultry interface. This study investigates the prevalence and diversity of endoparasites among wild birds in Kaduna State to provide baseline data on the wild birds' endoparasites which could be a source of infection to poultry.

Study Design: Wild birds in live wild bird markets, free-flying wild birds and semi-domesticated birds were the samples for endoparasites.

Place and Duration of Study: Birds were sampled in Kaduna State, Nigeria and the samples were analyzed at the helminthology laboratory of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria between April 2012 and December 2012.

Methodology: Wild birds faecal samples were examined for endoparasites by the simple flotation method.

Results: Of the 357 birds sampled, 36.4% were infected with at least one species of endoparasite. Charadriidae (7.1%) and Meleagris gallopavo (23.5%) had the lowest family and species prevalence respectively. Free flying, live poultry markets (LPM) and live wild bird markets (LWBM) birds had a prevalence of 39.1%, 37.2% and 34% respectively. The endoparasites identified were coccidia (30.5%), Ascaridia (5.9%), nematode larvae (0.8%), Capillaria (0.6%); Syngamus, Raillietinia and Trichuris (0.3% for each). There was a significant difference between the prevalence (p = 0.00), mean intensities (p = 0.00) and abundance (p = 0.01) of coccidia and Ascaridia. The prevalence of multiple infections was 2.0% representing 5.4% of infected birds. The study is first to report in Kaduna State, Nigeria of Trichuris in Anas platyrhynchos and Raillietina in Laniarius barbarous.

Conclusion: Wild birds in Kaduna State, Nigeria harbours endoparasites of economic significance to poultry and there is the need for more study of these wild birds’ endoparasites at the wild bird–poultry interface.

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